Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Almost home...

Hi all. Sorry about the delay between postings. Scott's schedule has become fairly routine and normal - eat, sleep, poop repeat... His IV antibiotics finish today and after a few tests we hope to bring him home on Friday. He is still not getting enough food through the nipple or bottle so he will still have a feeding tube. We hope he won't need it for too long. We long for the normal routine of feeding, sleeping and changing without the monitoring lines and IV. Life in the hospital has gotten pretty old, especially for Mindy, who has spent many hours a day there making sure Scott gets what he needs. She has been amazing.

Hopefully our next post will be about life at home. Thanks again for all your support.

Phil, Mindy, Will and Scott


Kristin said...

Sounds like all is going well. That is great news. So glad to hear that Scott is almost home. Keeping our fingers crossed that he'll be home on Friday.

Kristin, Toby and Dylan

busy pretending said...

Love the blog and keeping up with your family news.

Look forward to hearing that Scott made it home safe and sound.