Monday, May 31, 2010

Dad - May 31

Hi all - Dad continues to progress and get better. He had a thracheostomy on Friday so that they could take out his breathing tube. He now connects to the ventilator through the tube in his throat. We hope this is a short term solution and that he won't need it longer. He was sitting up today and is relying on the ventilator less and less. Paul is looking at rehab facilities in Houston today. Hopefully we can get him out of the hospital soon. Helen arrives on Weds for the next shift.


Friday, May 28, 2010

Dad - May 27

Good progress yesterday. They stopped his sedation so that he could breath with less help from the respirator and could wake up and recognize people (like me!). He is still groggy and tired, but was able to understand questions and respond (non-verbally). Hoepfully he had a good night and they will remove the breathing tube today. They still need to solve the problem of secretions in his throat and lungs, which may be caused by nerve damage to his throat but we won't know until they can remove the breathing tube. I hope to post another update from the airport this afternoon. Paul arrives tomorrow for the weekend and Helen follows next week. Have a great holiday weekend and send healing thoughts Dad's way.


Thursday, May 27, 2010

Dad - May 26

Hi all. Dad continues to rest and is stable in the ICU. His lungs are slowly getting better and the doctors hope to be able to take out the breathing tube in the next couple of days. The good news is that his kidneys continue to function well enough to not need dialysis. I hope to have more good news to report later today.


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Update on Dad: Tuesday, May 25

Hi all. This week is my shift in Houston with my Dad. He is currently in the ICU, on a respirator and sedated. He has some fluid in his lungs that they need to clear before the respirator can be removed. We are hopeful that will happen in the next 24 hours. His kidneys seem to be slowly coming back and there is hope they will regain full function over time.

For those who may not know, dad had surgery two weeks ago in Houston for an aortic aneuryism. The surgery went well from a cardiac perspective, but there were two complications. One is the functioning of his kidneys. They weren't working right away but it looks like they may come back. The other is paralysis in his legs. Unfortunately it doesn't look like that will come back. Dad has been incredibly strong about this and is eager to get on with the next phase of his life. We just need to get him healthy and out of hospital so he can begin the rehabilitation process.

Thanks to all of you for your love and support. I will continue to provide updates as frequently as I can, but feel free to send emails or call. I would love to hear from you.