Saturday, December 6, 2008

Steady as he goes

We are so sorry it has taken so long since our last post. We have been a little busy and sleep deprived. However, we will take this any day over going to the hospital for hours every day. Scott continues to grow and prosper. He is almost 10 pounds and has not had the feeding tube for almost 2 weeks. At the suggestion of home nurse we started feeding Scott on his side and it has made all the difference. He is much more relaxed and can better pace himself. Rarely now does he not drink the entire bottle and it seems to be much more enjoyable for him (and us). His big brother is very loving and affectionate towards Scott. We'll see if that continues when Scott is old enough to steal his toys.

Mindy's mom was here for a week around Thanksgiving and was a tremendous help. We even were able to go to the movies one afternoon. We will be here for Christmas as well, but are contemplating a drive to Long Beach for New Years. Thanks again to all for your support during the past few months. We are grateful to have such great friends and family. Phil, Mindy, Will and Scott