Saturday, October 25, 2008

Our 3 Kilo Boy!

Hi everyone,

As you can see we've slowed down on our blog entries. At this point, Scott is very stable and basically in maintenance mode. His 6 week course of antibiotics will finish on November 11th, which is Will's birthday and 1 week after his original due date!

Right now we are just working on getting him to take his food orally (either by breast or by the bottle). We try to do 3 feedings each day (2 breast and 1 bottle) but he still needs to be supplemented with breast milk down his nasal feeding tube. We are hopeful that he will not need the feeding tube by the time he can be off the antibiotics. But he is gaining weight each day and today was just over 3 kilograms (6 pounds, 6 ounces). He's becoming quite the big boy compared to other preemies in the nursery!

Mindy (& Phil & Will)


rooster said...

are you guys getting his weight up by giving him slow churned?? that is such great news that he is doing so well and getting to be so big!! can't wait for him to come home :)

melissa said...

Wonderful news! Love of the picture of grandpa with little Scott.

I'm so happy that all is going well.

Looking forward to meeting him and seeing you guys at some point soon.