Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Scott made some great progress today. His breathing was strong enough to remove his ventilator tube. He looks so much better and is breathing very well on his own. I was able to hold him for an hour or so while I visited this evening. I will post some photos tomorrow. He still has a nasal canula (small prongs in the nose for a bit of oxygen), but it's contribution is small. His feedings are up to 16 ml of breast milk and he is still tolerating them well. There is even talk of moving him to the nursery tomorrow if they have space. It would be such a relief. While everyone in the PICU has been fantastic, it is still for very sick children and Scott will be better served in the NICU focussing solely on getting bigger and stronger. Plus it is quieter and more relaxed. It looks like the IV antibiotic regimen will be the full 6 weeks so the NICU will be a better place to spend that time. More to come tomorrow. Go Sox! (and I don't mean the White kind). Phil


Dean S. said...

Go Scott! We are relieved to hear the news on Scott's progress. As always, Phil, Mindy, Will and Scott, you are in our thoughts and prayers.

Rosalyn said...

Great news! We'll keep sending good thoughts his way. What an awesome kid!
Roz, Mike, Sydney & Sean

Adoption Study said...

Scotty improving, red sox winning - I'm SO happy that your family is getting some good news!
Love to you all, bird

Youssef said...

I am sure Scott will recover to become a strong and beautiful boy. I cannot imagine what you guys are going through, but it sure affects me being a father myself very hard.
Please let me know if there is anyting I can do. My cell is 310-806-8525.