Monday, October 6, 2008

Update from the Weekend

The weekend in the NICU was pretty uneventful which is a good thing. Scott continues to go up in his feedings and by this morning should be up to full feeds based on his weight. His breathing was still a bit faster than the doctors were comfortable with so he is now back on the nasal CPAP. It definitely helped as his respiratory rate did come down. I think they will see how he does for a few days and then try weening him back to a nasal cannula. The nurses also wanted to try nipple feeding over the weekend (first with the bottle and then moving to the breast) but didn't feel comfortable with his high respiratory rate. Maybe we can try once he's back on the nasal cannula.

My mom was in town this weekend and got to hold Scott for the first time which of course she loved! He also was finally able to be swaddled which he really liked - our little burrito boy!

Thanks again for all your good thoughts - hope everyone is doing well.



Patty Campbell said...

So happy to hear things are progressing. Eat up little man!
Your Aunt Patty, Uncle Bob & Cousin Bobby

carrie said...

Aloha All.

We're so happy to see a pic. of a healthy boy! Keep those pics coming. We've been following this website daily but have just now figured out how to blog! Hope to see all of you in november. Much love coming from Hawaii.

Carrie, Steve, Mouse, Lilikoi and Hanalei

Anonymous said...

Phil and Mindy,
We are so happy to see that he is doing so well. We think of you often and wish we were closer to visit you. We are reading your blog and love to hear how everyone is doing and how supportive family and friends are. We want you to know that you are in our prayers and thoughts. Take care and hope to see you all very soon! Love, Rich and Patti

michelle said...

Wow! Great to see the latest picture of Scott. We're so happy he has made such nice progress! The way you write the updates, you sound like you've been through 4 years of med school in the few weeks he's been in the hospital (probably more than you want to know!). We're just like Carrie--been following the updates daily, but just figured out how to blog! You are all in our hearts and thoughts and we wish we could be there to give you all a big hug! Lots of love, Michelle, Mike Shelby and Sabrina