Thursday, September 25, 2008

Post Surgery - Day 2

Scott gave his dad a bit of a scare last night when he self-extabated. Phil was staying overnight with him in the ICU and around 10:30pm his breathing tube came out. Fortunately, his nurse was right there when it happened but it was still chaotic for awhile as the nurses and doctors had to re-intabate him. I was asleep at home and happy to have missed the event!

He was good again today - the x-rays showed more fluid in his lungs so they decided to leave him on the ventilator for another day or two. The doctors would ideally like his lungs dry before taking him off the breathing machine. They were able to take out 3 drainage tubes today which should make him more comfortable and help with his breathing. He also starting getting breast milk again which we thought was a good sign. Phil and I feel like he is stable enough so we aren't spending the night tonight. The ICU is not a very restful place to be!

We so appreciate all your emails, calls, cards, comments on the blog - it's great knowing how many people are thinking about Scott!!



Dee Dee said...

Patience and prayers - that helps me when I'm facing a situation out of my control. I watch for your updates daily and anguish along with you as Scott progresses. I hope that you can feel our thoughts and prayers on your behalf. Love to you from the Utah Rose's.

Dean S. said...

Phil and Mindy and Big Brother Will,
We have been thinking of you and Baby Scott everyday. We are pulling for you and pray for you and Scott to continue to be strong and amazing.

Steffi Peck said...

Dear Mindy and Phil,

Josh forwarded your blog and news of Scott's surgery. We will keep little Scott in our prayers (and give blood at the next bloodmobile held here in Medfield).

Steffi and Charlie

rooster said...

Thanks so much for keeping us abreast of the situation on the blog - I check it like 10 times a day! I am so happy that Scotty is such a fighter - I'd expect nothing less from the newest little Polishuk! We are here to help in what ever way we can - please don't hesitate to call for any reason - Will want to come with us to the steam trains this weekend??
Amy, Joe and Juliet