Sunday, September 28, 2008

Post Surgery - Day 5

Still not able to remove the breathing tube. Scott either can't breath easily on his own or has too much fluid it in his lungs, based on x-rays (the two are probably related). He has also been having some anxienty, either based on food or diaper changing, or pain from the surgery. He is consoled easily, but it is hard to see him be uncomfortable. Since we had hoped he would be breathing on his own and possible in the nursery by now it has been a disapppointing day. The doctors and nurses assure us he is still doing well and within acceptable timelines for his age and condition. The plan for tomorrow is to get him transferred to the nursery (they didn't have any room today) where they will be more aggressive in getting his breathing tube removed and having him progress as a regular premature baby. All tests on his heart have been normal so focussing on his prematurity seems like the right move. Stay tuned..



Rebecca said...

Phil and Mindy -
I can only imagine how tough the last few days have been. Each day when I check out the updates, I am hopeful for the breathing tube to be out. We will continue to have your family in our prayers.
Love, Gordon and Rebecca

Andrea said...

It was so nice to meet you yesterday. We are thrilled that Scott is doing so well. Post surgery brings a roller coaster of emotions and lots of baby steps forward. Hang in there! Its hard to do, but you are in great and very nurturing hands at CHO. We look forward to hearing/reading Scott's progress.

Andrea Long (Amanda's Mom)