Saturday, September 20, 2008

Scott - Day 12

Scott is still staying stable - the doctors and nurses are watching his oxygen saturation levels very closely. He just needs to stick it out until Tuesday the 23rd when he'll have his heart surgery. Phil and I met with the nurses yesterday to go through all of the pre-op process. He will be in surgery somewhere between 4-6 hours and then in the pediatric ICU for approx. 4-7 days. The nurse went through all of the potential problems that could happen post surgery which of course scared us both. My friend Andrea has offered to watch Will for a couple of days so Phil and I can just be at the hospital as much as we want. In the pediatric ICU, one person can sleep by the bedside so I imagine we will switch off for the first couple of nights. My mom is also coming up to be with us for the surgery.

We appreciate all of the support we've been receiving from friends and family - please keep Scotty in your thoughts on Tuesday!

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