Saturday, September 27, 2008

Post Surgery - Day 4

I arrived at the hospital this morning hoping to find Scott without his breathing tube but no such luck. I guess he had some trouble in the night (breathing really fast) so they decided to wait another day. The plan was to try a respiratory readiness test around 5pm today but things got too busy in the ICU. Phil just went back to the hospital (8pm) so he can find out the new plan. (Note from Phil: They did the test but he still isn't ready. They will try again tomorrow)

I am anxious to get him off the breathing machine as he can't go back to the NICU until he's off the ventilator. He lungs looked much better today than yesterday so hopefully he'll be off by sometime tomorrow. We will continue to keep you posted...



Miho said...

We'll keep our fingers crossed for a boring evening, and an even more boring day tomorrow so that Scott can come off the ventilator. We're thinking of you all!

Miho, Adam and Takuma

EJ said...

He's in our prayers.

Helen said...

One day at a time... we are thinking of you!